• EneDos foliar fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer that can be dissolved in water, even hard water.
  • It contains macro-, meso- and micro-elements that boost vegetable growth and make the product ideal to be applied in both intensive and extensive crops.
  • It is a chloride-free fertilizer.
  • Due to its balanced composition, it is an excellent complement but not a substitute for base fertilizers.
  • Because of its formulation, it can be applied alone or combined during pesticide spraying.
  • Due to its exclusive formulation with chemical species of fast absorption and high purity, it is not phytotoxic.

20-liter cans.


The EneDos foliar fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in concentrations equivalent to 10:6:8 (N-P-K). In its exclusive formulation, the product contains nitric, ureic and ammoniacal nitrogen.
It also contains sulfur and magnesium (mesonutrients) in intermediate concentrations, and boron, molybdenum, cobalt, iron, manganese, copper and zinc (microelements). These are used as chelates, which helps combining macro-, meso- and micro-nutrients that are easily assimilated by vegetables, avoiding nutritional deficiencies.


From 2 to 6 liters per hectare (depending on the crop).


Through any spraying method used for the foliar treatment of crops.


EneDos foliar fertilizer is completely compatible with most pesticides, except for those with alkaline reaction and mineral oils.
In case of application together with brand new pesticides, ask the Technical Staff at ARBO Laboratories.

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