Seed Therapy


1.6-liter doy-pack (in EneDos Inoculation Packs)
5-liter cans.


Tiram (tetramethylthiuram disulfide, TMTD), 18.75 g
Carbendazim (metil bencimidazol-2-il carbamate), 18.75 g
Adhesives, nourishers, scatterers
Colorants (organic pigments) csp 100 ml


From 160 to 500 cm3 per hectare (depending on the crop and the fungus to control).


Using any of the machines available for the treatment of seeds.


EneDos seed fungicide has been developed to be used together with EneDos inoculants and growth promoters.
The product compatibility lies in its careful formulation, where, apart from using innocuous excipients (adhesive, nourishers and scatterers) for bacteria, organic pigments are used (instead or chemical colorants) to obtain the final color of the product.
Chemical colorants have an unspecific bactericidal action that would affect the bacteria in inoculants.
The organic pigments used in EneDos seed fungicide do not affect the survival of the bacteria in inoculants.

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