Seed treatment

TSA-4000 is a fully automatic machine completely developed by ARBO for continuous operation in a seed feed line. The machine is delivered ready for operation. It is only necessary to connect it to the power line and compressed air service.

The machine consists of 3 systems:


This system consists of a hopper where the seeds arrive and a loading wheel takes the seeds to the receiving hopper located in the upper part of the TSA-4000. This hopper has a system of weighting (loading cells) that dose the quantity of seeds to be sent to the treatment. The amount of seeds for each treatment can vary from 10 to 50 kg for each batch


The TPS machine has been designed to work continuously. The quantity of seeds to be treated per hour depends on the dose of pesticides, polymer, inoculant, protective additive and finishing powder to be added. For a treatment where these components are added in full dose the machine yields approximately 4-5 tons / hour of treated seeds.

The operation of the TPS machine is controlled by a PLC. The touch screen of the PLC is mounted on a separate console. This multi programmable PLC allows the operator to set:

• the amount of seeds to be treated per batch
• the doses of fungicides, insecticides and polymers to be added by the first liquid pump
• the doses of inoculant and protector to be added by the second liquid pump
• the dose of finishing powder to be added by the powder pump
• the opening and closing times of the machine doors.


The seeds unloaded by the TPS fall into a discharge hopper from where they are carried by a conveyor belt and in a closed environment and with an air circulation system. This last stage allows to dry off the seeds. From this conveyor belt the seeds are unloaded to the final container of choice: bags of 40 to 1000 kg, transport carts, etc.

TSA-4000 also comes equipped with an air blower. The generated air stream is sent to: i) space between rotor and stator of the TPS machine to avoid seed breakage ii) to the discharge conveyor belt iii) to the dust removal system generated in the TPS

TSA-4000 works continuously until the operator decides. The operation described above is repeated continuously until the operator decides otherwise. In a day of 8 hours you can treat a minimum of 30-40 tons (depending on the doses of products to be added).

To do this, you just have to be careful that the arrival of seeds to the machine is not discontinued and that the reservoirs of liquids and dust that feed the dosing pumps have material to pump. The TPS machine is provided with alarms that notify the operator when the reservoirs do not have enough liquid or that there is no seed entry into the system.

Once machine is off the liquid pumping system must be rinsed with water to prevent the pumps and pipes from clogging. The machine has a valve system that facilitates this operation.

The seeds treated by this system do not suffer any damage. They, once treated, should be kept in a fresh environment. Temperaturesshould not exceed 18-20 ° C to preserve the viability of the rhizobia. With appropriate pesticides an adequate nodulation is maintained in seeds preserved until 90 days before sowing (although it is advisable that this time does not exceed 60 days).

The machine requires normal maintenance:

The TPS machine is provided with a use and maintenance manual.

In any case, our technicians will be available via e-mail, whatsapp, skype to interact with the technicians of the company that installs a Seed Treatment Center to solve any inconvenience that arises during the operation of the TPS machine.

Note: it can be provided on a trailer in case it needs to be mobilized between different locations.

ARBO Laboratories has developed a methodology for the pre-inoculation of leguminous pastures (alfalfa, clover, vicia and lotus) that is compatible with these seeds.
The application of this technology is based on the use of inoculants for these leguminous plants (based on Sphagnum peat moss from Tierra del Fuego) and EneDos additive-protectant.
These products are mixed and added to the seeds (in different pelleting stages) together with adhesives, seed cover powders, colorants and seed therapy products).
Treated seeds nodulate these plants efficiently up to 12 months after treatment.

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