Production for other companies

Finished product

ARBO Laboratories SRL produces bio-products (inoculants and growth promoters) and other products (seed and foliar fungicides, foliar fertilizers, coadjuvants, etc) for other companies with their own branding.
Many Argentinian companies, some of them leaders in the national market, have trusted us on our capacity to produce high-quality supplies in due time. We have already produced supplies for more than 10 Argentinian companies.
These products are to be traded both locally and internationally (Brazil, Paraguay).
In the service contract, clients establish the quality standards. Quality controls are carried out in our laboratories and other reference laboratories as well.


We also formulate agro-chemicals (especially fungicides) for companies that have registered their products. ARBO Laboratories takes advantage of its experience and available facilities to formulate agrochemicals for other companies. The contracting party  provide the supplies and are responsible for the products.

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