Technology transfer

In 2004, ARBO Laboratories SRL signed an agreement on technology transfer with an important national company that produced agro-chemicals. Therefore, our company transferred the complete technology needed for the production of bio-fertilizers (inoculants), in aqueous formulations. The transfer included all the aspects for the installation and functioning of a bioprocess plant:

  • Guidance as regards what premises to be built (minimum area for the estimated production), planning of the location and surface of the different areas (laboratories, process rooms, machine rooms, service rooms, packaging rooms and storage rooms).
  • Guidance for type of equipment to purchase for the service area (compressed air, steam, demineralized water, etc.) and production area (microscope, scales, agitators, small scale reactors, laminar flow, semiautomatic packagers for sterile liquid products, instruments for measurement and control, etc.).
  • Bioreactor design and task monitoring of the metallurgic company in charge of construction.
  • Guidance as regards location and detail engineering of the installation of the purchased equipment.
  • Training, in our plant, of the staff in charge of operating the new factory.
  • Start-up, from laboratory stage, cultivation in bioreactors, formulation, packaging and quality control (of both process and finished product).

As a result of this agreement, a modern, fully-equipped plant has been built, which started functioning in 2005 in the city of Cañada de Gómez, Santa Fe, ARGENTINA.

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